A Brief History of Thomas Jefferson University

Order of Lectures, Jefferson Medical College, 1846-7

Order of Lectures for Jefferson Medical College, 1846-1847. (John C. Hupp Matriculation Card Collection)

A Course of Lectures

In the beginning, a year’s session of lectures ran from mid-October through February. By 1847, the College extended lectures to run through March. Lectures covered areas of:

Anatomy dissection scene, ca. 1894

Anatomy dissection scene, ca. 1894. (Art/Photo Collection, E-011)

  • Practice of Medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry
  • Materia Medica
  • Institutes of Medicine
  • Principles of Surgery
  • Practice of Surgery
  • Obstetrics

The anatomy classes included lectures in addition to laboratories for human body dissections.

At a cost per lecture of $15, a full year session for all lectures totaled $120. Additional charges included a $5 matriculation fee and $30 for the diploma.