Paul J. Gutman Library

The Gutman Library has transitioned to an online model: Services & resources are available remotely more...


In the Anti-racism Resource Guide, you will find e-resources available through the Paul J Gutman Library on how to be an antiracist and related topics. The guide also highlights publicly accessible resources like podcasts and online exhibits.

The classroom as we know it has changed. As you adjust to the new teaching environment, join the Faculty Learning Community to explore online course design concepts and share tips for creating an interactive classroom. This community will meet Tuesdays (October 6 – November 10) on Zoom and use the book Minds Online to lead discussions.

Jade Papa, Curator and Adjunct Faculty, runs the Textile & Costume Collection and Design Center. Check out our Q&A with Jade to read about the collection, find out which pieces she admires most, and learn how you can enjoy the collection remotely.