Paul J. Gutman Library


In the Anti-racism Resource Guide, you will find e-resources available through the Paul J Gutman Library on how to be an antiracist and related topics. The guide also highlights publicly accessible resources like podcasts and online exhibits.

Join us on Friday, April 16, at 12 p.m. for Thomas Jefferson University's discussion of The Tradition. Brought to you by the Jefferson Libraries and Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement, this event will celebrate the city-wide One Book, One Philadelphia project. We will discuss The Tradition, a Pulitzer-Prize winning collection of poems. Dr. Jaymie Orphanidys will moderate the conversation as we explore experiences of Blackness, queerness, family, spirituality, and more. Register for the event and get your copy of The Tradition.

All Jeffersonians creating scholarly work are encouraged to register for an ORCID iD. Having a persistent ORCID iD helps ensures that your research outputs are correctly attributed, connects you with your contributions and affiliations, and improves the discoverability of your work. ORCID iDs are increasingly becoming a requirement for journal submissions and grant applications.