Paul J. Gutman Library


If you need a moment to decompress, are feeling distracted and want to focus, or are interested in learning about play therapy, check out these new resources. The Fidget Spinners & Play Therapy Collection includes a variety of fidget and stimulation toys (fidget cubes, wacky tracks, slugs, and more). We hope you enjoy these resources!

At LGBTQIA+ Movie Nights, we hope to cultivate a community and safe space for students and allies while sharing queer experiences and stories. Enjoy snacks and refreshments on Tuesday, November 28, as we watch The Watermelon Woman, the story of an aspiring Black lesbian filmmaker's research into an obscure 1940s Black actress billed as "The Watermelon Woman." We hope you'll join us at the library!

This November, explore our 25 new eBooks, listed below. Topics covered include neonatal nutrition, health care management, and public relations.