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DaVonne Armstrong, Director of Operations, Paul J. Gutman Library

Access Services (Circulation)

Janine Waters, Access Services Librarian

Collection Development/Technical Services

Daphine Elliot, Technical Services Assistant

Mare Jannicelli, Serials Coordinator

Miranda Meketon, Cataloging and Collection Development Librarian

Librarians (Reference)

Megan Donnelly, Outreach and Engagement Librarian
Liaison to the College of Humanities and Sciences
Subject areas: Hallmarks Program for General Education, Biopsychology, Communication, Interdisciplinary Studies, Law & Society, Psychology, Writing, and non-academic departments and programs.

Jessica Hamilton, Reference Services Librarian
Liaison to Schools of Business and Engineering in the College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce
Subject areas: Accounting, Biologics Processing, Biopharmaceutical Process Development, Biopharmaceutical Process Engineering, Building & Construction Services, Business Management, Complex Systems Leadership, Engineering, Fashion Design Management, Fashion Merchandising & Management, Finance, Global Fashion Enterprise, Health Services Management, Healthcare Information Systems, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Innovation, International Business, Management, Management in Strategic Leadership, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Coding & Data Quality, Medical Practice Management, Organizational Leadership, Taxation, Textile Engineering & Science, Textile Product Science, Textile Technology, and DEC Core Classes.

Sarah Slate, Assistant Director for Special Collections
Liaison to the College of Architecture & the Built Environment and College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce
Subject areas: Architecture and the Built Environment, Sustainable Design, Animation & Digital Media, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Textile Design, Visual Communication Design, Health Communication Design, Industrial Design, Textile Design, User Experience & Interaction Design, Surface Imaging.

Please contact DaVonne Armstrong, Director of Gutman Library, for information about support with:
Applied Research, College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Health Design Lab and Physician Assistant Program (East Falls and Voorhees)
Subject areas: Applied Research, Athletic Training, Behavioral & Health Sciences, Exercise Science Occupational Therapy, Health Design Lab, Physician Assistant Program (East Falls and Voorhees).

Textile and Costume Collection

Jade Papa, Curator of the Textile and Costume Collection, The Design Center and Adjunct Professor

Ann Wilson, Special Collections Technician