Lab Archives

LabArchives is an "ERN" (electronic research notebook), sometimes referred to as an "ELN" (electronic lab notebook). LabArchives is a cloud-based tool that simulates the pages of a traditional, paper lab notebook with the benefit of online interactivity and management.

In an ERN, you enter protocols, observations, notes and other data through your computer or mobile device. This service is provided at no cost to faculty, researchers, staff, graduate and undergraduate students for both research activities and coursework. Jefferson has a contract with LabArchives such that the Jefferson Research Network includes legal and security protection of your research data.

In addition, the Classroom Edition/Course Manager allows you to:

  • Integrate your course content, lab manuals and student notebook in one place.
  • Facilitate 24/7 Instructor, TA & Student interaction.
  • Enable individual or group work.
  • Log all student course activities.

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