University Archives

 Emblem from the 1900 JMC yearbook, the Sesamoid
Emblem from the 1900 Jefferson Medical College yearbook, the Sesamoid.

The University Archives contains key official records of the University, organized by administrative office of origin. These include official university publications, such as:

  • yearbooks;
  • newsletters;
  • annual reports;
  • minutes and committee files;
  • correspondence and office files;
  • inactive faculty records;
  • building plans;
  • research, patent, contract and grant administration records; and
  • legal and financial records.
 Annual Announcement of Jefferson Medical College, 1849
Announcement of Jefferson Medical College, 1849

Of particular interest are:

  • announcements and catalogs,
  • 19th century student matriculation registers,
  • early deeds and mortgages,
  • records of the President's Office,
  • Board of Trustees minutes from the founding of Jefferson Medical College to the present.

Holdings do not include:

  • artwork, framed art, faculty portraits,
  • current or active student records,
  • financial records other than annual budget and audit statements, or
  • patient medical records.

All of the above are administered by the departments which have responsibility for them. For information about patients admitted to the Jefferson Hospital after 1975, contact the Jefferson Hospital Medical Records Department (215-955-6627).