Book Collections

Andreas Vesalius. De humani corporis fabrica. Libri septem. Basel, 1543. 
Andreas Vesalius. De humani corporis fabrica. Libri septem. Basel, 1543.

The two book collections in the University Archives document the history of medicine as well as the publication activities of Jeffersonians. All books held by the Archives are searchable via the Library’s online catalog. Books in the University Archives will list as their location "University Archives," or "Special Collections."

While these materials are available for use by the public, they may not be removed from the Department. Be aware that old, fragile, or rare volumes may require special handling. In addition, some volumes may be subject to photocopy restrictions due to their age or fragility.

 McClellan, Regional anatomy in its relation to medicine and surgery, 1892
George McClellan. Regional anatomy in its relation to medicine and surgery. J.B. Lippincott Company, 1892.

The Rare Books Collection

Donated materials form the core of the Rare Books Collection, the most important being the P. Brooke Bland Collection, which is especially strong in the history of obstetrics and anatomy. There is also a rich collection of rare anatomy books including works of Vesalius, as well as volumes on medical botany and three incunables (books published before 1501).

Some of the rare books have been digitized, and are freely available online in the Jefferson Digital Commons.

The Jeffersoniana Collection

The Jeffersoniana Collection consists of volumes authored or edited by Jefferson faculty or staff during their tenure at Jefferson. Included here are the Manual of Military Surgery, written by Samuel D. Gross and published in 1861, Fat and Blood, which details S. Weir Mitchell’s rest cure for women, and Surgery, its Principles and Practices, by William W. Keen.

In addition to these historical works, the Jeffersoniana Collection also contains books by more recent authors such as Rothman’s The Spine, Adorn the Halls by Julie Berkowitz, and Rubin’s Pathology.

Visit the Jefferson Digital Commons as our digitizing program progresses.

It can be quite a challenge to keep this collection up to date. To assist the staff, please notify the University Archives when you or a colleague have recently or will soon publish a book. To be included in the collection the work needs to authored or edited by Jefferson faculty or staff, and the Jefferson contribution(s) must comprise at least half of the contributors or at least half of the chapters.