Nurses from Base Hospital No. 38 in Egypt, ca. 1942 
Nurses from Base Hospital No. 38 on camels in Egypt, ca. 1942.
(Art/Photo Collection, K2-021)

This section contains images of Jefferson faculty, alumni, buildings, amphitheaters, and events, as well as a small number of works of art on paper.

Many of the images from the Art/Photograph collection are searchable online in the Jefferson Digital Commons. The online collection includes a range of topics, but is primarily focused on military medicine, Jefferson buildings and clinical spaces, student life, and faculty portraits.

The Archives does not collect or hold fine art objects or paintings. For information regarding Jefferson-owned artwork or faculty portraits, please contact Joyce Muwwakkil at 215-503-6988 or

The list below gives a broad overview of the various collecting areas in the Art/Photograph section at the University Archives:

 Architectural Rendering, Foerderer Pavilion, ca. 1952
Architectural rendering, Foerderer Pavilion entrance, ca. 1952.
(Art/Photo Collection, C5-038)

A. Individual Portraits

B. Group Portraits

B1 - Interns & Residents
B2 - Faculty/Administration
B3 - University Organizations
B4 - Class Portraits
B5 - Other

C. Places

C1 - Surgical Amphitheaters ("Pits")
C2 - Hospital (1877)
C3 - Hospital (Old Main, 1907)
C4 - Hospital (Thompson Annex, 1924)
C5 - Hospital (Foederer Pavilion, 1954)
C6 - Hospital (Gibbon Building, 1978)
C7 - Residence Halls
C8 - Scott Building and Medical Office Building (MOB)
C9 - Campus Views (general)
C10 - Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
C11 - College Building (Prune Street, 1825)
C12 - College Building (Ely Building, 1828)
C13 - College Building (1898)
C14 - College Building (1929)
C15 - Curtis Clinic (1931)
C16 - Daniel Baugh Institute (1911)
C17 - Edison Building
C18 - Demolition and Construction Sites
C19 - Library (1898 and 1929 College Buildings and Scott Building)
C20 - Jefferson Alumni Hall
C21 - Other buildings/facilities
C22 - Bluemle Life Sciences Building

 Anatomy/Dissection Room, Daniel Baugh Institute of Anatomy, ca. 1912
Anatomy/dissection room, Daniel Baugh Institute of Anatomy, ca. 1912.
(Art/Photo Collection, E-007)

D. Nursing

E. Anatomy/Dissection Scenes

F. JMC Alumni Association (sponsored events)

G. Children's Rehabilitation Hospital

H. Events and Special Programs

I. Objects

J. TJU Departments

K. JMC-Sponsored Military Hospitals

K1 - Morgan Lantern Slide Collection (Base Hospital 38, World War I)
K2 - Evan B. Hume Collection (Base Hospital 38, World War II)

L. TJU Hospital Women's Board

Z. Provenance Collections

While the majority of photographs are divided into the general subject areas listed above, the following have been kept together to document their provenance - that is, the organization or individual that created or accumulated the materials. By keeping a collection of materials together rather than breaking it down into separate subjects, it provides the researcher with information about how the person or organization accumulated and used the items. (Italic face indicates a finding aid is available.)

+ oversize (maximum 16.5 x 20 in. - flat box storage)
++ oversize (maximum 21 x 30 in. - map case storage)
* special oversize (maximum 42 x 30 in. - map case storage)

  Z1 - Photograph Album, General Hospital, Altoona, PA
  Z2 - Photograph Album, Jefferson College, Canonsburg, PA
  Z3 - Hobart A. Reimann Collection
  Z4 - Joseph Waldman Collection
  Z5 - Saylor John McGhee Collection
  Z6 - Nancy Youngblood Collection
  Z7 - Peter Herbut Collection
  Z8 - Lewis Cass Scheffey Collection
  Z9 - JMC Alumni Association Collection
  Z10 - Davis & Geck, Inc.: "Sutures in Ancient Surgery"
  Z11+ - Petrolager Laboratories, Inc.: Caricatures of prominent scientists
  Z12+ - Parke, Davis & Co.: "A History of Medicine in Pictures"
  Z13+ - James Chapin: "The Seven Ages of the Physician"
  Z14+ - Pennsylvania Hospital: "Anatomical Illustrations from the Fothergill Collection"
  Z15+ - Gary Carpenter: Artwork
  Z16+ - Wynci King: Caricatures of Drs. Charles Burr and Ross Paterson
  Z17+ - The North American (supplement, November 7, 1915). "The Doctor" (print)
  Z18+ - Chinese print: apothecary shop (19th c.)
  Z19 - Thomas Jefferson University. Department of Facilities Design and Construction. Campus site photographs, June 1988
  Z20 - Scott Memorial Library. Education Services. Marketing and instruction slides, ca. 1986-1991
  Z21 - Frederick B. Wagner, Jr., MD: Portrait Slide Collection
  Z22 - Jefferson Medical College. Photographs for the Clinic (yearbook), 1989
  Z23* - Francis J. Sweeney, Jr., MD: Slide Collection
  Z24+ - JMC Clinic (Yearbook): Portrait Drawings of Faculty by I. Robert Berger, 1936
  Z25 - Scott Memorial Library: ISI Electronic Journals Project, 1995-1996
  Z26 - John A. Murray Photograph Album, ca. 1906 (2 volumes): "Blockley" Hospital
  Z27+ - Pearl Mosell Shapell Photograph Collection: Photographs from the Jefferson Medical College Hospital Training School for Nurses, 1920-1923
  Z28++ -

Ralph F. Himes Photograph Collection:
   1923 class photograph
   Phi Alpha Sigma group photographs, 1919-1923

  Z29 - Samuel M. Beale Photograph Collection: Dissection photograph (ca. 1902) and group photographs