A Brief History of Thomas Jefferson University

The Famous Faculty of 1841

"Whitechurch engraving" of 1855; engraved by R. Whitechurch and B. P. Newman, printed by Joseph M. Wilson, Philadelphia. (Art/Photo Collection)

Famous Faculty

At mid-century Jefferson boasted a strong college faculty. Professors of the 1841 "famous faculty" included

  • Robley Dunglison (Institutes of Medicine)
  • John K. Mitchell (Practice of Medicine)
  • Joseph Pancoast (Anatomy)
  • Thomas D. Mütter (Practice of Surgery)
  • Charles D. Meigs (Obstetrics)
  • Franklin Bache (Chemistry)
  • Robert Huston (Materia Medica)

While the resignation of Thomas Mütter in 1856 broke up the original group, his replacement, Samuel D. Gross, brought additional recognition and skills to the faculty.