The Academic Commons and the SML Departmental & Staff Directory

General mailing address: The Academic Commons, Scott Memorial Library, Thomas Jefferson University, 1020 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19107-5587.

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Administration - The Academic Commons (AC)

Anthony J. Frisby, Director of the Academic Commons & Scott Memorial Library
Liz D'Angel, Assistant Director, Communications and Project Management
Doretha Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Gail Leone, Education Services Area Coordinator
Beth Ten Have, Director of Operations, Scott Memorial Library
Pejman Makarechi, Director of Biomedical Communications
Julie Phillips, Assistant Director of the Academic Commons
Dian Wooten, Administrative Assistant


Roger Mgrdichian, AV Equipment Services Supervisor
Michael Mahoney, Audiovisual Technician
Ross Matico, Audiovisual Technician
William Pepe, Audiovisual Technician
Julian Pryer, Audiovisual Technician
Jim Raiss, Audiovisual Technician
Kevin Sullivan, Audiovisual Technician

Educational Technology Support

Christopher D. Braster, Assistant Director, Educational Technology Support
Razie Amzovski, Instructional Support Specialist
Sydney Bynum, Instructional Support Specialist
Sean Dyer, Computer-Based Learning Developer/Webmaster

Graphics & Illustration

Timothy Flanagan, Graphics & Media Supervisor
Anne Namocatcat, Medical Illustrator

Instructional Design
Demi Barzana, Instructional Design Specialist
Matt Cockerell, Curriculum & Instructional Design Specialist
Carmín Disbrow, Curriculum & Instructional Design Specialist
Gerald Fillman, Instructional Design Specialist


Karen Kirchhoff, Photography Supervisor
Britney Lillya, Photographer

Video Production

Patrick G. Gilligan, Manager of Video Production, Webcasting and Videoconferencing/Assistant Director of Biomedical Communications
Kelsey Brown, Video Production Assistant
Amanda Cozza-Tropp, Video Production Specialist

Scott Memorial Library


Administration - SML

Beth Ten Have, Director of Operations, Scott Memorial Library

Access Services (Circulation)

Janice Reid-Clarke, Manager of Access Services
Mark Andersen, Library Technician
Jim Copeland, Library Technician
LaDonda Gaskins, Library Technician
Kimberely Murray, Weekend Library Technician
Tyler VanderMeer, Library Technician

Collection Management

Daphne Hyatt, Associate Director, Collection Management
Dorothy Berenbrok, Senior Librarian, Acquisitions & Collection Management
Vince Ferretti, Document Delivery Technician - Borrowing
Michael Funderburk, Document Delivery Technician - Lending
Miranda Meketon, Access Services Technician

Information Services (Reference)

Gary Kaplan, Associate Director, Library Information Services
Abby Adamczyk, Graduate Medical Education Librarian
Larissa Gordon, Scholarly Communications Librarian
Paul Hunter, Clinical Informatics Librarian
Gregory Laynor, Senior Librarian, Information Services
Rebecca Miller, Senior Librarian, Information Services (Dixon Campus)

Learning Resources
Learning Resources Center, Jefferson Alumni Hall, 215-503-7563

Kevin K. Johnson, Coordinator of Learning Resources
Michael Hopwood, Learning Resources Technician
Samuel Lightcap, Learning Resources Technician
Danielle Rainey, Learning Resources Assistant
Joseph Zavorski, Learning Resources Technician

Office for Professional Writing, Publishing, and Communication

Jennifer Wilson, Senior Writer/Editor
Pam Walter, Research Writing Specialist

University Archives & Special Collections

F. Michael Angelo, University Archivist and Head of Historic Collections
Kelsey Duinkerken, Special Collections and Digital Services Librarian