Computer Classroom Services and Resources

All Jefferson Colleges and Schools receive a menu of basic audiovisual services at no charge, for all curriculum-based courses scheduled to start between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday - Friday. Additional services are available for a fee. Basic AV charges do apply for use not associated with a university course during normal business hours.

The Library schedules the rooms and supports the computers. CTL's Audiovisual Services group supports the projection equipment.

Unless otherwise noted, rooms are equipped with laser printer access, MS Office application software, Internet access, instructor's workstation with projection screen, and Jefferson computer-based learning packages. Course-related specialty software, such as SAS, SPSS or ArcView, is already loaded; staff can also load unique software provided by faculty. View the list of available software.

Clinical Models are also available for use in computer classrooms and requests for borrowing models are accepted only via our reservation form. The following policies apply:

  • The faculty member must accept financial responsibilty for the care of the model(s) by answering yes to the question "I have reviewed the policies and fees applicable to the services I am requesting" on the reservation form.
  • Damages to models will be charged to the borrower.

Questions about the Computer Classrooms?

Kevin Johnson
Coordinator of Learning Resources