Consult the Virtual Event Management System Calendar

Save time! Make sure a room is available before you request it:

  • Launch the Virtual EMS (opens a new window). Browse Locations is the default view. This screen will display a grid of all the rooms with reserved times blocked off
  • Display the rooms we manage & reserve* 1.) Click Add/Remove Locations 2.) Scroll to bottom of Locations pop-up list 3.) Check Hamilton, Jefferson Alumni Hall & Scott Memorial Library 4.) Click Update Locations.

    *NOTE: we only manage/reserve the following rooms in these buildings:
    • Hamilton Building: 616
    • Jefferson Alumni Hall: M12, M13 & 311
    • Scott Memorial Library: 200A, 306 & 307

  • The grids for Scott, JAH, and Hamilton will display. Check for room availability (shaded times are reserved).
  • If a room is available, complete the reservation request.