Printers & Copiers


Two copiers with networked printing capabilities are located in the library:

  • 1st floor - located in a side copier room on the first floor near Conference Room #1
  • 2nd floor - located on the second floor near the elevator and 2nd floor exit

Computers will default to the copier that is on the floor you are printing from. First floor computers print to first floor copier and second floor to second floor.


Copiers print in black & white only. No faxing or scan to email function exist on either unit. Consult with your department to perform these functions.


There is no charge for printing for all Abington-Jefferson Health users. However, please be mindful of what you print to be environmentally and budgetary conscious. *Note — Printers only supply 8 ½ by 11" paper (Letter Size). Any other size sent to the printer will not print automatically and could delay other print jobs. Please be mindful of print job parameters to ensure no printing issues for yourself or others.