3rd International Neurodiversity and the Built Environment Symposium: PlaceMaking

Building on the last two years symposia FALL2020 Building Community and Rethinking the Built Environment and FALL2021 Immersive Experiences respectively, this year we are looking to expand the scope of the dialogue with a focus on the notions of belonging, placemaking and sensemaking over a two-parts symposium during October 2022 and Spring 2023. These serial events are intensely cross-disciplinary and aim towards critical interactions addressing all-inclusive ways for inhabiting and perceiving our environments. They aim to stimulate international dialogue amongst architects, planners, designers, artists, therapists, medical field experts, tech companies, educational institutions, advocates, neurodivergent people and their caregivers.

The event is co-organized by the Synesthetic Research and Design Lab, College of Architecture and the Built Environment at Thomas Jefferson University and the Center for Autism and Neurodiversity, Jefferson Health in Pennsylvania, as well as the Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland at UCD in partnership with SMARTlab teams in Dublin, Skelligs (West of Ireland) and Niagara (Eastern Canada).

Date: October 14th, 9am - 2:45pm EST (US and Canada), online
The event is free of charge and open to all.

Registration is closed.