Jefferson Open Access Fund Recipient List (Academic Year 2021-2022)

The Jefferson Open Access Fund has supported the following articles and authors:

Abignano, Giuseppina; Hermes, Heidi; Piera-Velazquez, Sonsoles; Addya, Sankar; Del Galdo, Francesco; and Jimenez, Sergio A., "Global gene expression analysis of systemic sclerosis myofibroblasts demonstrates a marked increase in the expression of multiple NBPF genes" (2021). Kimmel Cancer Center Faculty Papers. Paper 82.

Abu-Khalaf, Maysa; Wang, Chun; Zhang, Zhenchao; Luo, Rui; Chong, Weelic; Silver, Daniel P.; Fellin, Frederick; Jaslow, Rebecca J.; Lopez, MD, MPH, MACP, Ana Maria; Cescon, Terrence; Jiang, MD, PhD, Wei; Myers, PhD, DSW, Ronald E.; Wei, Qiang; Li, Bingshan; Cristofanilli, Massimo; and Yang, Hushan, "Genomic Aberrations in Circulating Tumor DNAs from Palbociclib-Treated Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients Reveal a Novel Resistance Mechanism." (2022). Department of Medical Oncology Faculty Papers. Paper 196.

Adalbert, Jenna R and Ilyas, Asif M., "A focus on the future of opioid prescribing: implementation of a virtual opioid and pain management module for medical students" (2022).  Paper 139.

Amabile, Amy H.; Nixon-Cave, Kim; Georgetti, Larry J.; and Sims, Ashley C., "Front-loading of anatomy content has no effect on long-term anatomy knowledge retention among physical therapy students: a prospective cohort study." (2021). Department of Physical Therapy Faculty Papers. Paper 28.

Boelig, Rupsa C.; Lam, Edwin; Rochani, Ankit; Kaushal, Gagan; Roman, Amanda; and Kraft, Walter K., "Longitudinal evaluation of azithromycin and cytokine concentrations in amniotic fluid following one-time oral dosing in pregnancy." (2021). Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Faculty Papers. Paper 134.

Butkus, Joann M; Kramer, Mackenzie; Chan, Vincent; and Kim, Eunha, "Psychosis-Induced Exertional Rhabdomyolysis without Acute Kidney Injury or Myoglobinuria." (2022).  Paper 68.

Capparelli, Claudia; Purwin, Timothy J.; Glasheen, McKenna; Caksa, Signe; Tiago, Manoela; Wilski, Nicole A.; Pomante, Danielle; Rosenbaum, Sheera; Nguyen, Mai Q; Cai, Weijia; Franco-Barraza, Janusz; Zheng, MD, R.; Kumar, Gaurav; I Chervoneva; Shimada, Ayako; Rebecca, Vito W; Snook, Adam E.; Hookim, Kim; Xu, Xiaowei; Cukierman, Edna; Herlyn, Meenhard; and Aplin, A E, "Targeting SOX10-deficient cells to reduce the dormant-invasive phenotype state in melanoma" (2022). Department of Cancer Biology Faculty Papers. Paper 191.

Chen, Yingxuan; Vinogradskiy, Yevgeniy; Yu, Yan; Shi, Wenyin; and Liu, Haisong, "Clinical Evaluation of an Auto-Segmentation Tool for Spine SBRT Treatment." (2022). Department of Radiation Oncology Faculty Papers. Paper 166.

Downes, Kate; Zhao, Xuefei; Gleadall, Nicholas S; McKinney, Harriet; Kempster, Carly; Batista, Joana; Thomas, Patrick L; Cooper, Matthew; Michael, James V; Kreuzhuber, Roman; Wedderburn, Katherine; Waller, Kathryn; Varney, Bianca; Verdier, Hippolyte; Kriek, Neline; Ashford, Sofie E; Stirrups, Kathleen E; Dunster, Joanne L; McKenzie, Steven E; Ouwehand, Willem H; Gibbins, Jonathan M; Yang, Jing; Astle, William J; and Ma, Peisong, "G protein-coupled receptor kinase 5 regulates thrombin signaling in platelets via PAR-1." (2022). Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research. Paper 70.

Fish, Ari M; Fields, J Matthew; Ziring, Deborah; McCoy, Gina; Ostroff, Paula; and Hayden, Geoffrey, "Curriculum Development by Design Thinking: Analyzing a Program for Social Determinants of Health Screening by Pre-Clerkship Medical Students." (2022).  Paper 198.

Granberg, Rachel E.; Heyer, Arianna; Gehrman, Philip R.; Gunter, Paul W.; Hoff, Nathan A.; Guth, Amanda; Kayser, Matthew S.; Kuna, Samuel; and Frasso, Rosemary, "Patient and provider experiences with CBT-I administered in-person or via telemedicine: A randomized non-inferiority trial" (2022). College of Population Health Faculty Papers. Paper 145.

Haldar, Nilanjan; Fernandez, Christian; Evans III, Nathaniel R.; and Werner-Wasik, Maria, "Conservatively Managed Chronic Bronchopleural Fistula After Lung Cancer Tri-Modality Therapy: A Case Report" (2021). Division of Cardiology Faculty Papers. Paper 91.

Hong, Y Alicia; Yee, Soo; Bagchi, Pramita; Juon, Hee-Soon; Kim, Sojung Claire; and Le, Daisy, "Social media-based intervention to promote HBV screening and liver cancer prevention among Korean Americans: Results of a pilot study" (2022). Department of Medical Oncology Faculty Papers.

Iheduru-Anderson, Kechi; Okoro, Florence O; and Moore, Shawana S, "Diversity and Inclusion or Tokens? A Qualitative Study of Black Women Academic Nurse Leaders in the United States" (2022). College of Nursing Faculty Papers & Presentations. Paper 113.

Janga, Chaitra; Okoyeze, Kimberley; and Chan, Vincent, "Isolated Splenic Infarction: An Initial Manifestation of Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation." (2022). Division of Internal Medicine Faculty Papers & Presentations. Paper 52.

Junarta, Joey and Marhefka, Gregary D, "Hypophosphatemia causing ST elevation in a critically ill noncardiac surgery postoperative patient." (2022). Division of Cardiology Faculty Papers. Paper 97.

Katsnelson, Jacob Y.; Spaniol, Joseph R.; Buinewicz, Joshua C.; Ramsey, Frederick V.; and Buinewicz, Brian R., "Outcomes of Implant Removal and Capsulectomy for Breast Implant Illness in 248 Patients." (2021). Abington Jefferson Health Papers. Paper 67.

Kelly, Erin L.; Casola, Allison R.; Smith, Kelsey; Kelly, Samantha; and de la Cruz, Maria Syl D., "A qualitative analysis of third-year medical students' reflection essays regarding the impact of COVID-19 on their education." (2021). Department of Family & Community Medicine Faculty Papers. Paper 58.

Kirupaharan, P.; Kramer, Daniel; Gandler, Alan; Kenyon, Lawrence C.; and Summer, Ross, "68-year old man with progressive weakness and ventilator dependent respiratory failure: a case report of sporadic late onset nemaline myopathy" (2022). Department of Pathology, Anatomy, and Cell Biology Faculty Papers. Paper 353.

Krishn, Shiv Ram; Garcia, Vaughn; Naranjo, Nicole M; Quaglia, Fabio; Shields, Christopher D; Harris, Maisha A; Kossenkov, Andrew V; Liu, Qin; Corey, Eva; Altieri, Dario C; and Languino, Lucia R, "Small extracellular vesicle-mediated ITGB6 siRNA delivery downregulates the αVβ6 integrin and inhibits adhesion and migration of recipient prostate cancer cells" (2022). Department of Cancer Biology Faculty Papers. Paper 190.

Kozina, Elena; Byrne, Matthew D.; and Smeyne, Richard Jay, "Mutant LRRK2 in lymphocytes regulates neurodegeneration via IL-6 in an inflammatory model of Parkinson's disease" (2022).  Paper 65.

Lapadula, Dominic and Benovic, Jeffrey L, "Targeting oncogenic gαq/11 in uveal melanoma" (2021).  Paper 200.

Lee, Donghoon; Campbell, Richard E; Leider, Morgan L; Pepe, Matthew M; Tucker, Bradford S; and Tjoumakaris, Fotios P, "Efficacy of transdermal 4% lidocaine patches for postoperative pain management after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: a prospective trial." (2022). Rothman Institute Faculty Papers. Paper 167.

Loeb, Stacy; Massey, Philip; Leader, Amy E.; Thakker, Sameer; Falge, Emily; Taneja, Sabina; Byrne, Nataliya; Rose, Meredith; Joy, Matthew; Walter, Dawn; Katz, Matthew S.; Wong, Risa L.; Selvan, Preethi; Keith, Scott W.; and Giri, Veda N., "Gaps in Public Awareness About BRCA and Genetic Testing in Prostate Cancer: Social Media Landscape Analysis." (2021). Department of Medical Oncology Faculty Papers. Paper 152.

Magee, Rogan; Yang, Benjamin; and Ratliff, Jeff, "Trsper: a web-based application for Archimedes spiral analysis" (2021). Department of Neurology Faculty Papers. Paper 263.

Masuda, Isao; Hwang, Jae-Yeon; Christian, Thomas; Maharjan, Sunita; Mohammad, Fuad; Gamper, Howard; Buskirk, Allen R.; and Hou, Ya-Ming, "Loss of N1-methylation of G37 in tRNA induces ribosome stalling and reprograms gene expression" (2021). Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculty Papers. Paper 193.

Miao, Jingya; Tantawi, Mohamed; Koa, Victoria; Zhang, Ashley B; Zhang, Veronica; Sharan, Ashwini; Wu, Chengyuan; and Matias, Caio M, "Use of Functional MRI in Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Diseases: A Systematic Review." (2022). Department of Neurosurgery Faculty Papers. Paper 187.

Ndeupen, Sonia; Bouteau, Aurélie; Herbst, Christopher; Qin, Zhen; Jacobsen, Sonya; Powers, Nicholas E; Hutchins, Zachary; Kurup, Drishya; Diba, Leila Zabihi; Watson, Megan; Ramage, Holly; and Igyártó, Botond Z., "Langerhans cells and cDC1s play redundant roles in mRNA-LNP induced protective anti-influenza and anti-SARS-CoV-2 immune responses" (2022). Department of Microbiology and Immunology Faculty Papers. Paper 156.

Pagliaroli, Luca; Porazzi, Patrizia; Curtis, Alyxandra T; Scopa, Chiara; Mikkers, Harald M M; Freund, Christian; Daxinger, Lucia; Deliard, Sandra; Welsh, Sarah A; Offley, Sarah; Ott, Connor A; Calabretta, Bruno; Brugmann, Samantha A; Santen, Gijs W E; and Trizzino, Marco, "Inability to switch from ARID1A-BAF to ARID1B-BAF impairs exit from pluripotency and commitment towards neural crest formation in ARID1B-related neurodevelopmental disorders" (2021). Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculty Papers. Paper 197.

Piper, Keenan; Yu, Siyuan; Taghvaei, Mohammad; Fernandez, Christian; Mouchtouris, Nikolaos; Smit, Rupert D; Yudkoff, Clifford; Collopy, Sarah; Reyes, Maikerly; Lavergne, Pascal; Karsy, Michael; Prashant, Giyarpuram; Shi, Wenyin; and Evans, James J., "Radiation of meningioma dural tail may not improve tumor control rates." (2022). Student Papers & Posters. Paper 80.

Piper, Keenan J.; Karsy, Michael; Barton, Blair; Rabinowitz, Mindy; Rosen, Marc R.; Nyquist, Gurston G.; Evans, James J.; Tjoumakaris, Stavropoula; and Farrell, Christopher J., "Management of Coincident Pituitary Macroadenoma and Cavernous Carotid Aneurysm: A Systematic Literature Review." (2021). Department of Neurosurgery Faculty Papers. Paper 163.

Poluch, Maria; Feingold-Link, Jordan; Papanagnou, Dimitrios; Kilpatrick, Jared; Ziring,, Deborah; and Ankam, MD, Nethra S., "Intolerance of Uncertainty and Self-Compassion in Medical Students: Is There a Relationship and Why Should We Care?" (2022). Student Papers & Posters. Paper 83.

Porazzi, Patrizia; De Dominici, Marco; Salvino, Joseph; and Calabretta, Bruno, "Targeting the cdk6 dependence of ph+ acute lymphoblastic leukemia" (2021). Department of Cancer Biology Faculty Papers. Paper 184.

Ravindranath, Mepur H; El Hilali, Fatiha; and Filippone, Edward J, "The Impact of Inflammation on the Immune Responses to Transplantation: Tolerance or Rejection?" (2021).  Paper 348.

Rogers, Corey; Erkes, Dan A.; Nardone, Alexandria; Aplin, Andrew E.; Fernandes-Alnemri, Teresa; and Alnemri, Emad S., "Gasdermin pores permeabilize mitochondria to augment caspase-3 activation during apoptosis and inflammasome activation." (2019). Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculty Papers. Paper 150.

Rosal, Nathaniel R.; Thelmo, Franklin L.; Tzarnas, Stephanie; DiCalvo, Lauren; Tariq, Shafaq; and Grossman, Craig, "Wooden Chest Syndrome: A Case Report of Fentanyl-Induced Chest Wall Rigidity." (2021). Abington Jefferson Health Papers. Paper 63.

Ruge, Max Rug; Zivan, Tal; Leong, Ron; Feduska, Eric; Shah, Mahek; Rame, J. Eduardo; Massey, Howard; Alvarez, René J; Brailvosky, Yevgeniy; and Rajapreyar, Indranee, "Acute Left Atrial Compression after Ventricular Assist Device Placement" (2022).  Paper 49.

Sherban, Alexander; Cha, Jisun; and Jones, Elizabeth, "Reactive granulomatous dermatitis associated with ovarian cancer and a review of its role as a harbinger for malignancy" (2021).  Paper 162.

Shaik, Noor F; Saherwala, Ali A; and Tzeng, Diana L, "Gender Parity in Authorship of Published Randomized Clinical Trials in Stroke Neurology From 2000 to 2021." (2022).  Paper 286.

Siddiqui, Muhammad Umer; Yaacoub, Youssef; Hanson, Heidi-Anne; Junarta, Joey; Pasha, Ahmed K; and Shah, Mahek, "Echocardiographic Predictors of Symptomatic Cardiotoxicity Among Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis" (2022).  Paper 51.

Springer, Lauren E.; Patton, John B.; Zhan, Tingting; Rabson, Arnold B.; Lin, Hsin-Ching; Manser, Tim; Lok, James B.; Hess, Jessica A.; and Abraham, David, "Strongyloides stercoralis and HTLV-1 coinfection in CD34+ cord blood stem cell humanized mice: Alteration of cytokine responses and enhancement of larval growth." (2021). Department of Microbiology and Immunology Faculty Papers. Paper 132.

Sobol, Keenan Rhys; Fram, Brianna R; Strony, John T; and Brown, Scot A, "Survivorship, complications, and outcomes following distal femoral arthroplasty for non-neoplastic indications." (2022). Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Faculty Papers. Paper 173.

Sokol, Kelsey; Yuan, Kelley; Piddoubney, Maria; Sweeney, Ellen; Delengowski, Anne; Fendler, Katlin; Espinosa, Gloria M.; Alberto, Judith; Galanis, Patricia; Gung, Carol; Stokley, Meghan; George, Mercy; Harris, Mary; Martinez-Outshoorn, Ubaldo E.; Alpdogan, Onder; Porcu, Pierluigi; and Binder, Adam, "Implementation of an Outpatient HD-MTX Initiative" (2022). Department of Medical Oncology Faculty Papers. Paper 170.

Song, Andrew; Ding, Keyue; Alnahhas, Iyad; Laperriere, Normand J; Perry, James; Mason, Warren P; Winch, Chad; O'Callaghan, Chris J; Menten, Johan J; Brandes, Alba A; Phillips, Claire; Fay, Michael F; Nishikawa, Ryo; Osoba, David; Cairncross, J Gregory; Roa, Wilson; Wick, Wolfgang; and Shi, Wenyin, "Impact of lymphopenia on survival for elderly patients with glioblastoma: A secondary analysis of the CCTG CE.6 (EORTC 26062-22061, TROG03.01) randomized clinical trial" (2021).  Paper 163.

Tejada-Martinez, Daniela; Avelar, Roberto A; Lopes, Inês; Zhang, Bruce; Novoa, Guy; de Magalhães, João Pedro; and Trizzino, Marco, "Positive Selection and Enhancer Evolution Shaped Lifespan and Body Mass in Great Apes." (2022). Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculty Papers. Paper 211.

Tripepi, Manuela, "Microbiology Laboratory Simulations: From a Last-Minute Resource during the Covid-19 Pandemic to a Valuable Learning Tool to Retain—A Semester Microbiology Laboratory Curriculum That Uses Labster as Prelaboratory Activity" (2022).  Paper 11.

Torjani, Ava; Selbst, Dylan; Hamsher, Joshua; Mujumdar, Sahaj; Belkoff, Andie; and Taboada, Luis, "Successful Treatment With Daptomycin of MRSA Empyema Complicated by Right-Sided Loculated Pleural Effusion Refractory to Vancomycin" (2022).  Paper 48.

Varshney, Karan; Anaele, Beverly; Molaei, Matthew; Frasso, Rosemary; and Maio, Vittorio, "Risk Factors for Poor Outcomes Among Patients with Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB): A Scoping Review." (2021). College of Population Health Faculty Papers. Paper 146.

Varshney, Karan; Glodjo, Talia; and Adalbert, Jenna, "Overcrowded housing increases risk for COVID-19 mortality: an ecological study." (2022). College of Population Health Faculty Papers. Paper 148.

Vincent, Christine; Eberts, Margaret; Naik, Tejal U.; Gulick, Victoria; and O'Hayer, C. Virginia, "Provider experiences of virtual reality in clinical treatment" (2021).  Paper 319.

Wu, Chengyuan; Matias, Caio; Foltynie, Thomas; Limousin, Patricia; Zrinzo, Ludvic; and Akram, Harith, "Dynamic Network Connectivity Reveals Markers of Response to Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease" (2021). Department of Neurosurgery Faculty Papers. Paper 164.

Yan, Zheyi; Wang, Chunfang; Meng, Zhijun; Gan, Lu; Guo, Rui; Liu, Jing; Lau, Wayne Bond; Xie, Dina; Zhao, Jianli; Lopez, Bernard; Christopher, Theodore; Naik, Ulhas P.; Ma, Xin-Liang; and Wang, Yajing, "C1q/TNF-Related Protein 3 Prevents Diabetic Retinopathy via AMPK-Dependent Stabilization of Blood–Retinal Barrier Tight Junctions" (2022).  Paper 342.