October eBooks: Safety in Nursing, Fashion Research, Systemic Racism in the Workplace, etc.

October’s eBook Additions:  Dismantling Racism in the Workplace, Design Thinking, the Encyclopedia of AI, DSM-5 Diagnosis in Children, and Much More

Explore our October eBook additions below. Topics include advances in fashion research, landscape architecture, safety in nursing, and more. Browse our complete eBook collections in Center City/Scott Library, East Falls/Gutman Library, and Horsham/Dixon Library.

Advances in Fashion and Design Research: Proceedings of the 5th International Fashion and Design Congress, CIMODE 2022, July 4-7, 2022, Guimarães, Portugal

Advancing Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice through Human Systems Engineering

The Anti-Racist Organization: Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Workplace

Communicating Intimate Health

Data Ethics of Power: A Human Approach in the Big Data and AI Era

Different Perspectives in Design Thinking

Empirical Legal Research:  A Primer

Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence: The Past, Present, and Future of AI

Gait Analysis: Normal and Pathological Function

The Human Frontal Lobes: Functions and Disorders

Interviewing Children and Adolescents: Skills and Strategies for Effective DSM-5 Diagnosis

Pathology at a Glance

Plastics and Industrial Design

Physical Change and Aging: A Guide for the Helping Professions

Political Participation on Social Media: The Lived Experience of Online Debate

Principles of Landscape Architecture

Protecting the Mind: Challenges in Law, Neuroprotection, and Neurorights

Proteins Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Quality and Safety in Nursing: A Competency Approach to Improving Outcomes

Quantitative Research Methodology in the Health Sciences

Rethinking Comparative Law

Security and Illegality in Cuba’s Transition to Democracy

Simple, Brief, and Precise: How to Write with Clarity

Statistics at Square One

Theories of Counseling