Learn how to create science figures with BioRender: Workshop on February 15, at 10am

Did you know that you have access to BioRender Premium? BioRender, an application used by researchers to create and share professional science figures, offers you a library of over 40,000 icons to use in the creation of scientific posters, presentations, publications, and more. Register here for a workshop, led by BioRender, all about how to create science figures.

Log into BioRender
Set up your BioRender account and access the tool on our portal website (https://app.biorender.com/tju). Register with your @jefferson.edu or @students.jefferson.edu email account. To access the Premium account, you must log in through this portal every time. 

Register for the BioRender Workshop
Learn how to create professional science figures in minutes at BioRender’s workshop at 10am on Wednesday, February 15.

REGISTER HERE for the workshop!

This webinar will be led by Sydney Burniston, BioRender’s Scientific Communications & Customer Success Manager. The webinar is being hosted by the Jefferson Postdoctoral Association as part of their Technical Skills Seminar Series.