Influenza Vaccination Month: Videos, eBooks, and Graphic Medicine Resources

In December, public health organizations unite to promote flu vaccines and discuss the severe complications of the flu. The “triple threat” of the flu, COVID-19, and RSV is spreading across the U.S., and as we gather with family, attend holiday events, and travel, it’s more important than ever to ensure we’re protecting ourselves and others. The best way to do that is with vaccines.

Check out the six resources below on influenza research, the public narrative around pandemics, and how to improve vaccines in children with comorbidities.


Jonas Salk: A Life

Influenza: A Century of Research

Pandemics, Publics, and Narrative


Improving Influenza Vaccination in Children with Comorbidities: A Systematic Review


Influenza: The Hundred-year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History

Graphic Medicine

World of Viruses