Legacy RefWorks Sunsets June 30, 2023 (action to take)

Since 2006, Jeffersonians have been maximizing research productivity with RefWorks, an easy-to-use tool for publishing and managing citations, bibliographies, and references.  RefWorks launched a new version in 2016 (the blue interface) and will sunset the legacy version (the orange interface) in June 2023.

Improvements in RefWorks from Legacy include:

  • drag-and-drop PDFs,
  • multiple projects within one account,
  • project sharing with collaborators,
  • and a modern, accessible user interface.

For those currently using Legacy RefWorks, we recommend:

  • backing up your Legacy RefWorks account(s) using both the backup/restore tool, which preserves RefID numbers and folders for restoration only within Legacy RefWorks, and the export feature, which provides a viewable, interoperable copy of your references,
  • using the upgrade button on Legacy RefWorks accounts to get started with RefWorks now,
  • or waiting till the institutional upgrade on January 4, 2023.

Read details on upgrading from Legacy RefWorks to RefWorks and watch a video on upgrading to RefWorks (5:19).

Key dates for Jefferson:

  • 12/01/2022 – 06/30/2023: Upgrade to RefWorks button available in Legacy RefWorks accounts
  • 12/30/2022: New account creation for Legacy RefWorks disabled
  • 01/04/2023: Institutional upgrade for Legacy accounts with references, accessed within the past year, or without a RefWorks account under the same email address*
  • 06/30/2023: Legacy RefWorks access disabled

*If you have Legacy accounts that haven’t been accessed in the past year or if you have a RefWorks account under the same email address as the Legacy accounts, you’ll need to log in before 6/30/2023 to download references and/or upgrade to RefWorks.

Questions? Please see our guide on citation management tools or contact us at Scott Library or Gutman Library.