STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Mare Jannicelli, New Access Services Assistant

Get to know new Access Services Assistant, Mare Jannicelli. You may not see Mare during the day (they work nights!), but they’re active at the Circulation Desk and behind-the-scenes helping make sure Gutman patrons get the resources they need via interlibrary loan, the process of borrowing materials from other libraries, and our recently updated course reserves, the place where instructors put course materials that students can borrow.

Read our Q&A with Mare to learn about what a typical day at Gutman is like and what inspired them to pursue their Master of Library Science.

What is your role, and how long have you worked at Thomas Jefferson University?
Here at TJU, I am an Access Services Assistant in the Circulation department at the Gutman Library. I started in June of this year!

In your role as Access Services Assistant, what does a typical day at Gutman Library look like for you?
Working nights, my shifts are a bit different from most people. Since our Access Services Assistant Victoria Bonelli is here during the day, I generally help her finish up any leftover tasks. This can range from interlibrary loans (ILL) that need to be shipped out/returned or helping with any projects. This summer, Victoria spearheaded reviving the library’s course reserves, and it was great to assist her as I learned the ropes. Other than that, I help our student workers and patrons with any questions or requests they may have.

What interested you in working at Jefferson and the library?
When I was accepted into Graduate School to begin obtaining my MLIS, I was hoping I could get myself into the field as soon as possible. I knew I would enjoy working in an Academic Library (I frequented the Paul Robeson Library at Rutgers University—Camden until I graduated). When I heard about the opening here at the library, it felt like an opportunity to get my foot in the door. TJU sounded like the perfect environment for me to get my bearings as someone who is learning to become a librarian.

What’s your favorite part about working in the library?
Right now, getting to know our collection and what we can provide for the students has been my favorite part about working here. I love being a resource for people and feeling like I can help them, so familiarizing myself with things and gaining the confidence to do so has been a really great experience.

Tell us a bit about what you’re studying right now at Rutgers and why?
Since this summer, I have been attending Rutgers University to obtain my Master of Library Science. My concentration is Archives and Preservation, and I hope to specialize in film preservation and history. Upon graduating in January, I began to research my career options and what I really wanted to do. I was looking for a field that felt like an amalgamation of my passions and professional goals, and Library Sciences fit the bill. Since starting school, I can say I made the right choice.

When not working in the library or studying, what are some things you like to do in your free time?
When I can, I love practicing film photography, hiking, biking, and spending time with my partner and our beloved cat. Once a week, we try to spend some quality time together, which often includes making or ordering food, going on a walk, and watching a movie or show until we’re dozing off on the couch. Exciting, I know. We’re both super busy, so we like to indulge in simple pleasures!