EduRoam is Here: Use it for Wi-Fi access at other universities 

EduRoam is now available on the Center City campus and in the Scott Memorial Library. (The resource was already accessible at the Paul J. Gutman Library.)

What is EduRoam
EduRoam is an international and secure Wi-Fi internet access roaming service available to higher education and research institutions.

Benefits of EduRoam
When you’re on the campus of a participating institution, you’ll be able to join the EduRoam network using your Jefferson credentials.

Non-Jefferson visitors* to Scott Library (and the larger Jefferson campus) will be able to join the EduRoam network using their institution’s authentication process.

How to use EduRoam
When on Jefferson’s campus, you will see “EduRoam” listed as an available Wi-Fi network. Connect to EduRoam using your Jefferson Campus Key and Password. Then, when at another EduRoam institution, you will see EduRoam listed as an available Wi-Fi network. You will be able to connect to EduRoam’s Wi-Fi without needing credentials to the institution that you’re visiting. Once you’re connected to the EduRoam network at Jefferson, the login process will be the same on any other participating campus.

*As of March 2022, Scott Library is not currently open to the public.*