STAFF SPOTLIGHT: New Learning Resources Technician Abby

Our Learning Resources team is growing! Get to know Abby, our new Learning Resources Technician, who can help with library access services questions and assist with software and tech issues. Keep reading to learn about what brings Abby to Jefferson and how she can help you.

Welcome to the team, Abby!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I work for both Access Services and Learning Resources covering our two desks at Scott Memorial Library and Jeff Alumni Hall, respectively.

What are your responsibilities in the Learning Resources department? How can you assist students/staff?
You can find me at the front desk of the library to check out resources or to help with network access issues. I’ve also been known to solve some particularly annoying Microsoft Office formatting problems.

How long have you been working at Thomas Jefferson University?
As of writing this, I’m on my third week at Jefferson.

What do you like about it so far?
I get to explore a lot of different locations on campus, tinkering with computers and peeking into classrooms. I like being able to move around on the job.

When not working in the Learning Resources department, how do you like to spend your free time? What’s something you’d like your Academic Commons teammates to know about you?
If I’m not here, you will find me reading old fantasy books, taking embarrassing photos of my cat, or playing video games. Lately I’ve gotten into cocktail-making too, so please share if you know any interesting recipes!