STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Meet Graduating Seniors Skylar, Nik, and Sara

A unique component of the Gutman Library, which differentiates it from the other Jefferson Libraries, is the student workers. When a patron enters the library, they are greeted by an East Falls student at the Circulation Desk. They play an essential role at the library – checking in and out resources, helping patrons reserve study rooms, and offering a friendly and familiar face to busy and overwhelmed students and faculty.

We sat down with three of the five graduating senior student workers to hear about their experiences. They shared favorite memories about working at Gutman, reflected on skills they learned while on the job, and gave advice to incoming first-year students for taking advantage of all that Gutman has to offer.

Thank you to Skylar, Nik, and Sara for your commitment to the library. Best of luck in your post-college years, we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

Left to Right: Skylar, Nik, Sara

What was your college or grad school major?
Skylar: B.S. in Marketing, Minor in Fashion Merchandising & Management  

Nik: M.S. in Industrial Design

Sara: B.S. in Health Sciences, Minor in Psychology

What were your responsibilities while working at the Gutman Library?
Skylar: We worked the front desk, so helping people with books on reserve, study rooms, basically anything students might have a question about.

What was your favorite part about working in the library?
Skylar: I’ve made so many friends working at Gutman! Over the four years, I’ve gotten to meet so many people, and it’s definitely my favorite place on campus.

Nik: I felt very comfortable working in the library’s peaceful environment and doing small decorations at festivals.

Sara: I’ve met so many great lifelong friends that I work with at the library, and my supervisors are amazing!

What is a favorite memory you have from working at the library?
Sara: I have so many great memories from Gutman, but I think the one thing that I appreciate most is my supervisor Meg Leister. She has always supported me and all of my academic endeavors and has made working at Gutman such an enjoyable experience.

What is something you learned while working at the library?
Nik: I have absolutely acquired a lot of management skills which make my profile strong to work in my field job.

Would you recommend an East Falls student work at the library?
Sara: I definitely do! Not only do you become friends with the other students that you work with, but you also get to meet so many new people and have those friendly faces all around campus! Working at Gutman also encourages you to use the resources provided to you!

Can you share one of your favorite resources at the library?
Skylar: I use the databases often for research assignments! Also, flipping through books on reserve is always a good time.

Nik: All the books, for sure. I’m not quite a reader, but working at Gutman for the past almost 1.5 years has made me a book reader.

Sara: My favorite resource is the cubbies on the first floor of the library! I have spent countless days studying and doing my work in the cubbies and have found that they are the only place that I can really sit down, focus, and do my best work.

What advice about the library would you give to incoming first-year students?
Skylar: I’d say – ask questions! It’s a very freshman thing not to ask questions when you need to. We don’t expect you to know how to print, scan, or where the copier is, so don’t feel weird about asking. It’s our job!

Nik: Use the facilities provided by Gutman Library as much as you can. It will not only help you to get good grades but also acquire in-depth knowledge for your respective field.

What advice do you have for incoming seniors?  
Skylar: Don’t be too hard on yourself and take everything one day at a time. We’ve had a chaotic last few semesters! Don’t feel you have to rush to find answers for what you want right now. Also, it’s never too late to join clubs and meet people!

Sara: Cherish the last year of your undergraduate career! Even though it’s your last year, don’t forget that your academics are still so important. But also, don’t be shy to experience new things and create memories.

What will you be doing after graduation?
Skylar: Pursuing my career in copywriting & content creation and sticking with my internship at a local sock company for now! Also, hopefully traveling a bunch and making up for all the fun we should’ve been able to have this past year!

Nik: My plan after graduation is to get some experience in my Industrial Design field, and after I am confident enough, I want to start my own business and work as a freelancer.

Sara: I will be continuing my education at Jefferson in the fall with the Couple and Family Therapy Master’s Degree program.