New May eBooks: 25 titles with topics in food insecurity, personal finance, the history of Black women’s reproductive rights, and biostatistics in population health

This May, we’re adding 25 eBooks to the collection covering a very diverse range of interests and studies. Check out the new additions below and browse our complete online collection here (Gutman) or here (Scott).

Biostatistics for Population Health: A Primer

Expertise and Architecture in the Modern Islamic World: A Critical Anthology

Fashion & Modernism

First: Sandra Day O’Connor

Food and Poverty: Food Insecurity and Food Sovereignty Among America’s Poor

Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty

Managing Creativity: A Systems Thinking Journey

Managing Your Personal Finances: From Start of Career to Retirement and More

Marijuana: Examining the Facts

Meaning of Fashion in Jean Rhys: An Analysis of Gender Identity

Medical Plants of the World: An Illustrated Scientific Guide to Important Medicinal Plants and Their Uses

Migrant Housing: Architecture, Dwelling, Migration

Modesty, A Fashion Paradox: Uncovering the Causes, Controversies, and Key Players Behind the Global Trend to Conceal Rather Than Reveal

Offsite Production and Manufacturing for Innovation Construction

On Accident: Episodes in Architecture and Landscape

One Nation, Two Realities: Dueling Facts in American Democracy

Out in Time: The Public Lives of Gay Men from Stonewall to the Queer Generation

Patternmaking History and the Theory

Product Design and Sustainability: Strategies, Tools and Practice

Professional Practice for Interior Designers

Puppetry, Puppet Animation and the Digital Age

Representation and the Electoral College

Resistance and Empowerment in Black Women’s Hairstyling

Revit 2020 for Architecture: No experience required

Veiling in Fashion: Space and the Hijab in Minority Communities