Draw it to Know it: New Medical & Biological Science Resources for Students and Instructors

The Jefferson Libraries collection now includes expanded Draw it to Know it offerings.

Access Draw it to Know it (Center City/Scott Memorial Library access)
Draw it to Know it (East Falls/Gutman Library access)

Draw it to Know it teaches gross anatomy and neuroanatomy through a series of online, interactive illustrated, and narrated tutorials. In addition to anatomy, new courses in Biology, Science for Undergraduate, Graduate & Medical disciplines, Integrated Systems (e.g., neurological, respiratory) are now also included.

Additional resources include Board Preparation for:

  • Medical Science for Nurses
  • MCAT Biology & Biochemistry
  • Neurosciences: ABPN Neurology Boards
  • USMLE/COMLEX for Step 1

Support Resources

  • Concise overview for students and faculty accompanied by registration instructions
  • Getting Started Guides for Instructor (Study Plans, Tutorials, Analytics) & Student (On-Boarding Manual) are available via the databases’ How To Use DITKI drop-down menu:

Questions? Contact AskALibrarian (Scott) or AskGutman@jefferson.edu (Gutman).