Mask Up: Jefferson Students Create Infographics to Encourage Mask Wearing

Infographics can be powerful and influential tools in public health communication. A clear and appealing visual can quickly and effectively explain and encourage personal behavior changes to improve public health.

No public health communication has been more important this past year than the message of encouraging face mask-wearing to curb the spread of COVID-19.

To help encourage mask-wearing, graduate students in the Jefferson College of Population Health created infographics to encourage their fellow students and the public to mask up. Check out some of their infographics below and view the complete collection on the Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC). Share these infographics to help encourage mask-wearing!

“Have a Conversation: Wear a Mask” by Chalfin, Melanie; Hampton, Isabella; Kong, Wendy; and Meka, Sravani
“Guide to Mask Wearing 101” by Hason, LaiQuannah; Kinsey, Jeremiah; and O’Connor, Kevin
“The 3 Ws to Staying Safe On and Off Campus During COVID-19” Guth, Amanda; Kermitz, Matthew; Minke, Kate; and Patel, Raya

Check out the complete collection of infographics on the JDC.