Give feedback on their Modernization Plan

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) recently launched an effort to modernize This project aims to “deliver an improved user experience” by updating both the public-facing website to make it easier for users to retrieve data and make changes to the protocols and systems used by those who submit information to the database. 

Whether you interact with as a clinical researcher providing information on your study, a systematic reviewer searching for unpublished studies, or a clinician or patient looking for relevant trials, you have the opportunity to add your voice to their modernization process. To register your willingness to provide feedback to the NIH, fill out this form. Indicate the aspects of the resource that you wish to discuss and the length of time you can and willing to speak with the NIH about this resource.

The NIH’s five-year modernization process for began in 2019 when the NLM Board of Regents established a Public Service Working Group to solicit and analyze feedback to implement resource changes. The working group began their process by putting out a broad public request for information, the results of which were provided to the public in an open meeting held during the Spring of 2020. Additional information gathering is currently being conducted as the working group decides what changes will be implemented. 

More details about their process can be found on the website by going to the modernization page.