EndNote update makes popular citation management system more user friendly!

Clarivate has released a new version of EndNote for Windows. The new version, called EndNote 20 is an update to the X9 version that has been in use for the past several years. A Mac version will be released later this year. (Editor’s note: it’s now available.)

The primary goal of the update was to create a new interface design that would be more intuitive for users to operate. In making changes to their interface, EndNote modernized the look and feel of the tool and reorganized many of the menus. They have also worked to improve and simplify their reference editing interface.

While these changes do mean that experienced users will need to take a bit of time to get used to the new system, as many commonly used buttons and menu options have been relocated, overall, the interface has the potential to be a substantial improvement to the product.

EndNote X9 Interface
EndNote 20 Interface

In addition to the interface update, EndNote 20 has also focused on making it easier to read and annotate PDFs and they have improved the search functionality to help users find references with more ease, both from within their reference library and from online databases, such as PubMed. Finally, EndNote has made deduplication of references easier by allowing users to search by DOI and PMCID during the deduplication process.

Upgrading from EndNote X9 to EndNote 20

If you’re in the middle of a paper or project, consider waiting to upgrade until you have time to learn the new version.

Before upgrading to EndNote 20, make sure to save a backup copy of your reference library. You can do this by opening EndNote X9, clicking on “File” on the top left menu, and then choosing the option to create a Compressed Library.

It is not required to delete the older version to install EndNote 20. You can have both versions on the same computer. However, once you have decided to use the new version, uninstalling the old one is recommended.

Visit our library guide for more detailed installation instructions, including how to obtain a product key that you will need to gain access to the new version of EndNote. Instructional materials and information about how to access help with EndNote are also available.