Journal Citation Reports 2018 Update

If you want to see which articles, institutions, and regions contributed to a Journal Impact Factor (JIF), you can check the new journal profile pages in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) 2018 release. Take a video tour. By providing contextual data, Clarivate Analytics, the producer of JCR, is responding to irresponsible uses of the JIF, a journal level metric, to evaluate individual articles or researchers.

Authors can use this information to identify which journals to publish their research in. Some predatory journals incorrectly claim to have Journal Impact Factors (JIF), but you can use JCR to verify your choice before submitting your manuscript.

Jeffersonians can access it at Journal Citation Reports (JCR) or from the list of all databases. If you’re just getting started using the JCR, Scott Librarians can help. Contact them at:

If you’re writing for publication, the Office for Professional Writing, Publishing & Communication at the Center for Teaching & Learning provides support at any stage in that process. Call or email Jennifer Wilson or Pam Walter to schedule an appointment.