Update on Library Renovations

More furniture arrived recently, completing the 1st floor renovations and finishing this stage of the 2nd and 3rd floors. It’s already popular – students have moved right in!

Front lobby

The new armchair seating on the first floor is bright and comfortable. New study chairs, tables and lamps are much more inviting than the old furniture. The combination of wireless service with adequate lighting and power access allows students full flexibility with their laptops and mobiles. The popular book collection is now displayed to advantage along the wall; new carpet, reconditioning of the grand stairs, and an updated security area in the lobby complete the first floor renovations.

On the 2nd floor, bright new supportive armchairs and reading lamps around the fish tank have replaced the broken down and ragged old chairs and dim lights. It makes a huge difference in the feel of the space (though it may not encourage napping). Also on the 2nd floor, carpet repair has been completed, and the reference book collection has been reduced so that additional space can be opened on the west side of the floor.

2nd floor       1st floor

On the 3rd floor, carpet repairs allowed the computers to move from the elevator area to our newly-cleared space on the west side of the floor. Look for new quiet study carrels to replace the temporary tables in early summer. The north wall is being repurposed as exhibit space for art, medical history, and other forms of the humanities. It is planned tobecome a vibrant visual corridor.

2nd floor 3rd floor

What Lies Ahead?

Over the summer, a new round of construction is planned for the east and west walls of the floor, adding up to 10 group study rooms for student use. For now, though, large monitors at group tables, portable white boards, and large empty spaces with movable chairs are allowing students to show Library staff what kind of flexibility they need in a space. We’ve been experimenting with making various tools and software available, to see what students embrace.  Of course, this will inform future redevelopment of Library spaces.

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