Next Reading for Jefferson Book Club

Get started on your summer reading with a selection for the Jefferson Book Club! Copies are available for sale at the University Bookstore and for loan at the Scott Memorial Library.

Forgotten,  by Nicole Salomone

book coverAll her life, Abigail Jones has been at the pinnacle of colonial American society. But, when her house is maliciously destroyed, she becomes a camp follower of the Continental Army. Ill-prepared or trained for such a life, she finds friends in the medical community. Before long, she is thrust into a world of politics and disease, where loyalty is a rare and precious commodity. Using her wits and personality, she treads the fine line between the intentions of the officers and the suffering of the soldiers, all while trying to fit in.

The Meeting

Join your colleagues for the next Jefferson Book Club discussion on
Thursday, June 7th from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm in room 200b Scott
All students, faculty, and staff welcome.
Lunch will be provided.
Copies available from Jefferson Bookstore at a 15% discount and at Scott Library.
Please RSVP to