For February 1 Test of JeffALERT Emergency Notification System, Think of the Number 24639

On February 1, the University will be testing JeffALERT, our emergency notification system, with all students, faculty and staff.

If you have included your CELL phone number as part of your contact information, you will receive a text message from the JeffALERT system. The incoming message will be delivered to your cell phone from ID number 24639, the number for the JeffALERT system.

It is a good idea to save 24639 into your cell phone and mark it as JeffALERT so you can easily identify these messages as emergency notifications in the future.

In addition to the text message, a JeffALERT notification will be sent to all Jefferson email accounts. The subject line of the email will read: “JeffALERT Test.”

As a reminder, the notification you receive on February 1 will be a test and will be identified as such when you receive the alert. During a true emergency, the word “TEST” would not be included in the message you receive.

In preparation for the February 1 test, we strongly encourage you to visit JeffALERT website to learn more about the system. If you have not done so, please review/update your emergency contact information. Instructions for updating this information are available on the JeffALERT web site under “Register.”

Access JeffALERT Web Site (