2017 Nexus Maximus Posters in the JDC

Nexus Maximus is Jefferson – East Falls’s signature annual event that brings together a broad range of disciplines to work in teams on big problems and opportunities. It is an excellent example of Nexus Learning, our unique and award winning approach to education – learning that is active, collaborative, engaged in the real world and infused with the liberal arts.

This fast-paced “sprint” project is designed to provide students a unique learning opportunity while solving a challenging real-world problem, all while having fun. We bring together students from across Jefferson’s programs, as well as students from other institutions such as Aalto University in Finland, KEA in Copenhagen, Pace University in New York, and the Paris-Est d. School in France. The past three years of Nexus Maximus, held each September, engaged over 1,000 students working together in teams of 4-6 to learn innovation processes and develop new concepts to address a global problem, such as: Aging in Place, Adolescent Health, and Personal Health Data. 

The 2017 event was held from September 8th -11th and the students addressed the challenge Innovation for Refugees and Displaced Populations. Learn more about the 2017 event and view all of the posters in the Jefferson Digital Commons, including:

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