Scott Library Introduces New Search Options

On Monday, May 15th, Scott Library introduces a new, integrated search interface (or, discovery service) for finding library materials and resources. The revised SML home page search box now defaults to an EVERYTHING search option that lets you search across an expansive selection of journals, e-books, presentations, digital objects, and databases, using a single search query.

See “What’s Included in Everything Search?”

In addition, other SML web pages have been updated to feature the new search interface for targeted searches of books, journal titles, software, models, and videos.

Library search tools evolved from manual card catalogs and printed indexes to digital library catalogs and databases. The introduction of web-based systems allowed us to offer access to the library from anywhere. Now “discovery services” feature an integrated approach to finding, and providing access to, the rich variety of resources (digital and physical) we can provide to our users.

Searching “Everything” is a great way to start your research, but when is it better to search in a specific database?

SML will continue to offer access to all of the online databases you currently know and love. For systematic reviews and advanced searches, we recommend searching within a specific database, to take advantage of its unique search features and filters.

For help with all searches, contact Scott Memorial Librarians.