Need a break? Check out our fidget spinners, play toys, & resources

New at Gutman Library: Fidget spinners, play therapy toys, and resources! If you’re needing a moment to decompress, feeling distracted and want to focus, or interested in learning more about play therapy, check out these two new collections.

The Play Therapy Collection
Donated by the Community & Trauma Counseling department, the collection offers a wide range of books, workbooks, and play examples for practitioners, researchers, and those with a general interest in play therapy.

Where is the collection? The collection is stored in the popular books section across from the Circulation Desk on the Main Floor.

The Fidget and Stim Toy Collection
The collection includes a wide variety of fidget and stimulation toys (fidget cubes, wacky tracks, slugs, and more), that allow for students to decompress, engage in play, and regulate their emotions. This collection aims to normalize the practice of fidgeting and stimming.

Where is the collection? Behind the Main Floor’s Circulation Desk! Students can check out one item for four hours by leaving their Jefferson ID with us.

What is stimming?
Stimming (or self-stimulation) is a self-regulatory behavior that includes movements such as hand flapping, finger-flicking, rocking, speaking phrases, sounds, and other repetitive motions in order to keep oneself calm. Often done in times of stress, this behavior is usually seen in people with autism or those who fall under the neurodivergent umbrella.

Fidget and stim toys allow for this behavior to be carried out in a safe and consistent way that will often not disrupt the person’s daily life. While neurodivergent individuals often use these tools, it is completely normal behavior for everyone to engage in, especially when feeling stressed or distracted.

We hope you enjoy these resources!