Ally Awareness Week & Fix Your Content Contest is April 17-21: Improve accessibility & win prizes

Ally Awareness Week is a weeklong celebration of Ally, the tool within Canvas that helps instructors improve accessibility in their courses and offers learners alternative file formats to download. The contest encourages educators to make “fixes” to their content and win prizes!

The winners will each receive a Jefferson-branded sweatshirt. Fixes will be posted anonymously to our Fix Your Content Contest Leaderboard and we’ll update the standings throughout the week. Learn more about how to make “fixes” in our Ally Fix Your Content Contest FAQ.

Where can instructors find information about how to use Ally?
Stop by one of our in-person or virtual Ally Drop-in Clinics for one-on-one support between April 17 – 19. The clinics are led by an instructional designer who can provide you with individualized guidance on making fixes in Ally. Make sure to check out the Ally Quick Start Guide for Instructors. You can also visit our Ally Resources Page for written guides and self-paced learning modules.

Where can students find information about how to use Ally?
View our Using Ally in Canvas: Student Guide to learn more about the alternative file formats available for you to download. There is also an Ally Quick Start for Students Guide.

What are Jefferson Students Saying about Ally?

Kerry L. with Ally fidget spinners

“The alternative format from Ally that I like most is the audio one. I am more of a listener than a reader, and Ally makes learning convenient for me.”

– Kerry L., Interior Design, 2025

I’d love to listen to Ally on my morning commute so that I could be efficient with my time and enhance the information exposed to my brain. – Azba A. PreMed Studies, 2025

Gia S.

“I’m an audio-visual and kinesthetic learner, so reading assignments back-to-back are a lot. Reading isn’t the best way for me to learn and if I can listen to someone telling me something instead of just reading it, I process and understand the concepts better. I can really take it in. I probably end up understanding things better with Ally.”

– Gia S., Occupational Therapy, 2025

“I love the option of listening to audio versions of articles so I can do other things like cleaning or organizing while learning! It makes it easier to get knowledge in while accomplishing important life stuff.”

-Stephanie S., OTD, 2024