Interested in working at the library? Have a federal work-study award? We’re hiring!

Join the Scott Memorial Library team!

If you received a federal (U.S.) work-study award, you could work in the library! We’re hiring for a position within our Access Services department.  

In your position in the Access Services team, you will:

  • Assist library visitors (patrons) check in and out materials, anatomical models, reserves, and technology
  • Provide directional and other general assistance support to library visitors
  • Collect statistics
  • Re-shelve library materials (occasionally).

The Access Services Desk, on the 2nd floor of the library, is open: Monday – Friday, 8am – 10pm, Saturday, 11am – 7pm, and Sunday, 10am – 10pm. Hours vary during semester breaks and holidays.

To apply and learn more, check the job description on Jefferson’s work study page. We hope you’ll join our library team.