ACTION FOR PIVOT USERS: Update how to access your account

We recently consolidated East Falls and Center City instances of Pivot, a tool to identify funding opportunities.

For existing Pivot personal account users (one time action)

To retain access to your Pivot personal account, including your saved searches, alerts, and funding opportunities:

  1. Sign into your personal account at If necessary, request a password reset. If you had been using the institutional login with your address, you may not know the underlying Pivot username and password and will need to request a password reset.

    From on campus:

From off campus:

2. Associate your personal account with your Jefferson Campus Key:

a. Username (top right) > Change account info

b. Scroll down to Single Sign-on, choose Thomas Jefferson University and then Associate Account

c. Log in with your Jefferson Campus Key and Password

d. Success. Now you can sign in using your institutional login credentials

e. If you haven’t already, claim your profile to enable recommended opportunities and help others find you as a potential collaborator

For New Pivot Users

On-campus users can continue to access Pivot from the library’s list of databases or directly at Basic features are available. For advanced features, including tracking opportunities and creating alerts, create or sign into your personal account.

First time users choosing to create an account should choose the option to Use Institutional Login Credentials.

Off-campus users will need to either sign into their personal account or choose Use login from my institution.

If it’s your first time using your Jefferson Campus Key with Pivot, it’ll ask you to finish creating your personal account. You can skip this step by clicking “Funding” in the main menu to get started searching without the personalization features.

Claiming Your Profile
Once you’ve created your account, claim your profile to enable recommended opportunities and help others find you as a potential collaborator.

Get Help
Learn more about Pivot and other resources on our grants information library guide. Contact us at Scott Library/Center City ( or Gutman Library/East Falls ( for help.