A new tool for immunology research: FlowJo!

FlowJo is software that helps with viewing and analyzing flow cytometric data. The tool is available to all Thomas Jefferson University researchers, students, faculty, and staff.

Features of FlowJo

  • Single solution for flow analysis
  • Publication-quality graphics
  • Models for advanced data analysis
  • Plugins with fast updates with novel algorithms

Creating your FlowJo Account
Create a new FlowJo account from the library website. If your lab has an existing FlowJo account, continue to use that FlowJo account until it expires and request a Jefferson account when your license is close to expiring.

Once you create your FlowJo account, follow the steps on this FlowJo Guide to sign in and begin using the FlowJo Portal. This guide includes screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Note: You must have FlowJo v10.5 or higher to sign into the portal.

Help with FlowJo