DynaMed Decisions at Jefferson: New Tool Helps Clinicians Deliver Personalized Care & Communicate with Patients

DynaMed Decisions, a new feature of DynaMed, helps you have meaningful conversations with patients about care options. Using interactive tools, you can help patients make the best health decisions based on evidence in the context of their risks, comorbidities, values, and preferences. Clinical experts create, monitor, and update DynaMed Decisions.

What is DynaMed Decisions?
DynaMed Decisions offers a variety of tools to help you calculate a patient’s risk profile and gives recommendations based on that patient’s data.

How do I access DynaMed Decisions?
DynaMed Decisions is a new tab on the DynaMed homepage. Log in to DynaMed via Epic, the library site, or Intranet. 

What are features of DynaMed Decisions?
Assessment Tools: These tools provide personalized guidance based on your patient’s unique data. Click on the images to zoom in.

In addition to assessment tools, the Key Data and Option Grid provides easy-to-understand visuals that you and your patient can review together as you discuss the best action plan.

Key Data: The Key Data tab offers you and your patient visual depictions of various treatments’ risks and benefits. 

Option Grid: The Option Grid answers common questions patients ask when making decisions. Help patients assess their options and arrive at a treatment decision using the Grid. You can share the Option Grid with a patient in real-time or via a PDF or website link. 

Learn More
Read about DynaMed Decisions, watch tutorials, and check out our library guide on DynaMed to learn more.