Jefferson Digital Commons Quarterly Report (April – June 2021)

Summer is here, and with it is the latest edition of the JDC Quarterly Report. Over the last three months, there were:

  • 430 works posted
  • 5,413 streams
  • 196 countries that visited the site
  • 6,372 institutions that accessed content

This quarterly report includes:

  • Articles
  • CREATE Day Capstone Projects
  • Department of Surgery Resident Research Day
  • Dissertations
  • Grand Rounds and Lectures
  • House Staff Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference
  • JCPH Capstone Presentations
  • Journals and Newsletters
  • Know Diabetes by Heart Meetings
  • MPH Course Projects
  • Occupational Therapy Doctorate Capstones
  • Posters and Conference Presentations:
  • Promotional Video
  • Scholarly Inquiry Abstracts
  • What People are Saying About the Jefferson Digital Commons

Added between April and June were a range of capstone projects, with titles including, “Time for a Good Night’s Rest: Occupational Therapy Practice in Sleep after Domestic Violence,” “The Future of Opioid Prescribing,” “Effective Support for the Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” and more.

Also added were poster and conference presentations, including the titles, “Japanese Immigrant Families’ Experiences of Accessing Healthcare in the US” and “CenteringPregnancy Increase the Likelihood of Postpartum Visit and Contraceptive Use.”

Also included are articles discussing telehealth, the racial disparities found in at-home health care, how to get HPV vaccinations to prison inmates, and more.

Check out the JDC Quarterly Report to learn more and read the work of your Jefferson colleagues.