Introducing OA Works, dedicated to Open Access & Equity

OA Works is a newly rebranded nonprofit company that builds free, open-source tools to make the process of finding and providing open access to research available for all. They have been an important player in the Open Access community since 2013, when the company’s founders launched their OA Button, a browser extension that makes finding open access versions of articles easy. One of their newer tools, Share Your Paper, helps authors find out if and how they can legally share their manuscripts openly with the world. 

Organizations like OA Works are important to the growth of Open Access. They provide front-line access tools for researchers, especially those not already associated with a large research university. These tools help keep the OA movement equitable. The vision statement of OA Works focuses on creating resources that can help marginalized students and researchers.

For Thomas Jefferson University students, staff, and faculty, these tools can be useful complements to those available from the Gutman and Scott libraries. For Abington-Jefferson Health users, these tools can be useful complements to those available from the Wilmer Memorial Library. For example, the finding full text guide includes the OA button and other browser extensions on its “tools” page. The Jefferson Digital Commons¬†institutional repository allows scholars to share work created while affiliated with Jefferson openly with the world.

To learn more, please visit the library’s open access publishing guide.