PsycINFO & PsycARTICLES will move from APA PsycNET to Ovid on July 1

If you have My List citations saved in an APA PsycNET personal account that you’d like to preserve, please print, email or export now. Saved Searches & Alerts may be copied but must be reformulated in the new Ovid platform.

Export, Email or Print My List citations

Use the arrow icon to Export selected citations to RefWorksSciwheelEndNote or other reference management software:

Use the envelope icon to Email selected results:

Use the printer icon to Print selected results:

Record display options for print and email functions include:

  • Citation: citations only
  • Citation & Abstract: citations and abstracts
  • Full Record Display (default option): all fields except the cited references
  • Full Record Display plus Cited References: all fields, including the cited references
  • Citation APA Style: citations in APA Style

If you have question, contact us at AskALibrarian.