Gutman Librarian Publishes Article in Medical Reference Services Quarterly!

Congratulations to Daniel Verbit, Scholarly Communications Librarian, at Paul J Gutman Library for recently getting published in the Medical Reference Services Quarterly journal.

The article, “Graduate Occupational Therapy Students: Communication and Research Preferences from Three university Libraries,” discusses findings regarding how graduate occupational therapy students conduct research.

Type “Medical Reference Services Quarterly” in the journal search on the Gutman Library search, or Scott Memorial Library search to find the article. The article is in Volume 39, Issue 2 of the journal.

Read the abstract below:

Library liaisons from three universities distributed an anonymous survey to graduate occupational therapy students to gauge preferred methods of communication when conducting research. This article discusses three findings: whom the students prefer to turn to when seeking research assistance, which methods of communication students prefer, and how long students spend searching before asking for assistance. From 193 responses, the liaisons reasoned that students prefer consulting with their peers before seeking help from librarians or faculty or instructors and they prefer assistance face-to-face. Additionally, the majority are willing to research from 30 min to one hour before seeking research help.

Congrats, Daniel!