New and improved: Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC) website gets a new look

The Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC) has a new website design!

The JDC is Jefferson’s open access institutional repository. It is a free service of the Academic Commons (AC) that helps you share your scholarly work with the world. All Jefferson faculty, staff, researchers, and students can contribute.

Highlights of the new site

  • More resources on open access
  • New site organizational structure makes it easier to browse content and find what you’re looking for
  • Mobile and iPad optimization so you can access the site anywhere
    (Note: If viewing the website on an iPad, view in landscape mode, not portrait.)

Why you should submit

Publish your work in the JDC to broaden the reach and impact of your work:

  • Your work will show up in search engines like Google, Google Scholar, Bing
  • Get access to a rich set of metrics like the Author Dashboard and PlumX Metrics, which allow you to understand who is accessing your work and how
  • Show your support for open access. Often when you publish an article, it gets put behind a paywall, limiting the number of people who can access it. By including your work in the JDC, it will be freely available to anyone

What’s in the JDC

As of early 2020, the Jefferson Digital Commons repository has:

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