New Database: MedOne Neurosurgery Now Available

MedOne Neurosurgery, a library of neurosurgical e-Books from Thieme Publishers, is now available via the Scott Memorial Library website. Access MedOne Neurosurgery in the list of databases or individual titles including Greenberg’s Handbook of Neurosurgery,  along with all Scott Library e-books.

What’s included:

E-Books: 250 e-Books, including seminal works and essential texts for board review

Content Collections: Point-of-care content collections, that answer critical questions in a 5-minute read and links to the extensive coverage in the source materials facilitate a deeper dive

Procedures: 450 Procedures including Technique, Complications, Videos, and Surgical Steps

E-Journals: 7 Journals with an integrated search that includes the PubMed database

Media: 1500 videos and 85K images 

Q&A: 1500+ activities to prepare for boards or quiz yourself for memory retention using the self-testing question and answer bank

Mobile App: Instructions to download MedOne content to your smartphone or iPad for online and offline access