Trying to get published? Let us help. Attend the High Impact Publishing Workshop (March 3)

Academic publishing is undergoing a dramatic shift as journals become more specialized and the number of publishing outlets surge. Understanding the publishing world and its potential impact on one’s career can be confusing and mysterious. Luckily, experts in the Academic Commons are here to help. Attend our upcoming workshop to learn all about the world of publishing.

High Impact Publishing
Tuesday, March 3, 1:15 – 2:15 p.m.,
Library Instruction Space (LIS), Gutman Library
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This workshop provides an introduction to academic publishing by exploring the metrics and tools used to evaluate journals and determine “impact.”  Facilitators will also explore the concept of “high impact” publishing more generally, including a discussion of ways authors can write for impact and leverage social media to increase their impact. A discussion of the evolution of academic publishing, including predatory publishing practices and open access journals will conclude the session. 

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