Bottle Filling Stations are Quick, Clean, and Green!

eliminate bottle wasteThe Library installed Halsey Taylor HYDROBOOST® bottle filling stations a little over a year ago. Better than a standard drinking fountain, these units provide cold, filtered water. They also feature a quick and clean option for filling reusable bottles. A counter on each unit tracks the number of 20 oz. bottles potentially saved from a landfill.

More than 90,000 disposable bottles have been eliminated to date!

2 thoughts on “Bottle Filling Stations are Quick, Clean, and Green!

  1. Kevin Dang

    Please have the water station’s filters changed regularly. We might as well be drinking tap water.

    1. lgm002 Post author

      We do maintain a supply of filters and notify Facilities to change them as soon as an indicator light turns red. The filter on the 2nd floor unit WAS changed recently, but the indicator light failed to reset. We’re currently trying to resolve this problem and apologize for any confusion.

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