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Announcing BrowZine for iPhone

BrowZine for iPhoneBrowZine for iPhone is now available and it includes the same great features as the original BrowZine app on your iPad/tablet.

 Sign up for a BrowZine Account to sync BrowZine on your iPhone and iPad/tablet.

Caution: If you are using BrowZine for iPad, be sure to sign up for a BrowZine Account BEFORE downloading BrowZine on your iPhone! Otherwise, any custom Bookshelves on your iPad will be erased.

What is a Browzine Account?

Browzine Account is a new feature (with version 1.6.0, released June 25, 2014) that allows you to “sync” your BrowZine “Bookshelf” on multiple devices. As you create a BrowZine Account, your Bookshelf is copied from your device to a new account in the cloud. You can then add additional devices and “sync” them, so that changes made on one device will automatically appear on the other(s). For more information, see: BrowZine Account FAQ.

 How do I sign up?

BrowZine will prompt you to sign up for an account when version 1.6.0 launches for the first time. Or, sign up for a BrowZine Account under Settings. Be sure to create your BrowZine Account using the device that already has your customized Bookshelf settings! In most cases, that will be an iPad, since the iPhone app was just released. So, sign up for a BrowZine Account on your current iPad/tablet BEFORE downloading the app on your iPhone.

 Confused? Follow these step-by-step instructions: Using BrowZine to Sync Multiple Mobile Devices.

 If you need more help, contact AskaLibrarian.

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