FALL 2020 BOOK CLUB: Academia Next, The Futures of Higher Education

This semester, we invite you to join a virtual book to explore the many changes at play in higher education. Starting Thursday, August 27, Daniel Verbit of The Academic Commons & Paul J. Gutman Library and Christopher Pastore of The Center for Faculty Development and Nexus Learning will host the virtual book club. The club will meet virtually each Thursday of the Fall Semester from 1:30-2:15 p.m.

Each week, we’ll meet with colleagues and discuss a chapter from “Academia Next, The Futures of Higher Education” by futurist & Georgetown senior scholar, Dr. Bryan Alexander.

From the Publisher: 

The outlook for the future of colleges and universities is uncertain. Financial stresses, changing student populations, and rapidly developing technologies all pose significant challenges to the nation’s colleges and universities. In Academia Next, The Futures of Higher Education,” futurist and higher education expert Bryan Alexander addresses these evolving trends to better understand higher education’s next generation.

Please register online to join us as we discuss key topics with other Jeffersonians. All are welcome to join, but limited slots will be available in order to facilitate small group discussions. After capacity is reached, the sessions will be locked, so please register in advance.

The book is available online or purchase a copy at https://jhupbooks.press.jhu.edu/title/academia-next or the bookseller of your choice.