FACULTY: Join us for “Reimagined Canvas Camp” (May & June dates)

Reminder: Blackboard shuts down at Jefferson on June 30, 2020. Let the Academic Commons help transfer courses from Blackboard to Canvas at Canvas Camp workshops.

We originally conceived of Canvas Camp as an in-person event where you could focus on building a single course in Canvas over the course of one day. The pandemic forced us back the drawing board to reimagine Canvas Camp. Rather than a day-long event, we have imagined the event as a series of four scaffolded online workshops that build upon one another and provide participants with hands-on development of specific skills. Online workshops will be held on:

Tuesday, May 19
Friday, May 29
Monday, June 8
Tuesday, June 9

While the skills addressed in the workshops build upon previous workshops, you are free to treat them as stand-alone workshops when you register. For all workshops in the Re-imagined Canvas Camp, participants should focus on a single specific course. Course materials should be available from Blackboard, in the cloud, or on the participant’s personal computer.

Read each workshop description below and register for workshops HERE.

Canvas Camp: The Course Overview & Syllabus (Recommended order: 1 of 4)
This workshop focuses on the first course components your students will see in a Canvas course: the home page, course overview, syllabus, and instructor information.

Participants will:

  • Update basic course details, instructor information, and post the syllabus
  • Learn to effectively use the features of the Rich Content Editor

Canvas Camp: Migrating Content from Blackboard to Canvas (Recommended order: 2 of 4)
This workshop focuses on getting course content from Blackboard to Canvas, with attention to different approaches to migration depending on which elements of the course need to be copied and whether there are any issues with the size of course files. 

Participants will:

  • Learn about characteristics of Blackboard courses that might complicate the migration of content to Canvas
  • Practice using a bulk file download or export to copy course content and/or files to Canvas

Canvas Camp: Using and Organizing Modules (Recommended order: 3 of 4)
This workshop focuses on Modules, the basic organizing mechanism for all Canvas content. Based on how you structure your course (e.g. by week, topic, unit, etc.), you will practice setting up Modules to present and sequence your content for students.

Participants will:

  • Use Modules to contextualize and organize course content for easy access by the student
  • Learn about adaptive release features such as prerequisites and requirements to further customize students’ trajectory through the course

Canvas Camp: Creating and Grading Assignments (Recommended order: 4 of 4)
This workshop focuses on the tools available to collect student work and assess student learning, including Assignments, Quizzes, and Rubrics. In addition to practice creating these components, you will explore the Gradebook and Canvas’ grading interface, SpeedGrader.

Participants will:

  • Practice creating an Assignment, Quiz, and Rubric
  • Explore the Gradebook and SpeedGrader

Read more about the workshops an register HERE.